Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Brakes Ripoff Story

Jen went to the Kia Dealership on Friday to get her oil changed. She left a message on my voicemail to call her. When I called her back she told me, " The Dealership advised me I need new brake pads."

I replied, " You probably need brake pads since it has been a while since your brakes have been done."

Jen decided to take her car to Just Brakes to get their special $ 99.00 brake job and she printed a $ 25.00 coupon from the Internet.

Later in the morning she called, " Just Brakes told me I need to have my back brake cylinders changed, and their $ 170.00 each plus the brake pads for $99.00."

I advised, " Take Your car to the Kia Dealership as we already knew it doesn't need any other work done on the brakes as the Dealership would have said so."

When she got home she described her day, " The Kia Dealership said the could not find a leak in the rear cylinders. He looked hard and could not find it."

She puffed, " They were going to make me pay $ 30.00 for a diagnostic fee. I told them I am not going to pay it and I am taking it to the Kia Dealership. They kept arguing with me about making me pay this diagnostic. They told me they would replace the front brake pads and put the rear tires on charge me for the cylinders but not put them on if I took it to the Kia Dealership. They made me so mad."

They did not know that when it comes to a fee like that she is not going to
pay. Jen insisted and Just Brakes did not charge her the $ 30.00 diagnostic
fee. Jen drove over to the Kia Dealership and they replaced the brake pads and looked thoroughly over the rear cylinders and they could not find a leak.

Jen stated, " The Kia mechanic thinks they were pushing the rear center of the cylinder to make it leak but by itself it does not leak."

We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon and Jen told this story several
times. Sunday her friend Jean came over and I heard the story again only this
time in Chinese. I know it was the Just Brakes story as she kept saying
Just Brakes and brake pads along with a few other English words that must
have no equivalent Chinese word.

We both watched an Inside Edition show where the reporter took a vehicle to a certified mechanic. The mechanic told the reporter on camera the work the car needed done. They took the car to Just Brakes and they added hundreds of dollars to the $ 99.00 bill. The took the car back to the certified mechanic showed him the Just Brakes Mechanic said and he again reiterated the work did not need to be done. Inside Edition Investigates Auto Repair Chain Just Brakes ( Airdate 5/19/2010)

One of these stories is similar to what my wife was told the Just Brakes employee also pressed the sponge part on Jen's rear brake telling her it needed to be replaced and the DOT would not allow him to just but the tires back on so she could drive to the Kia Dealership.

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