Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whether Gifted is the correct word to call the Exceptional Children

I decided to look in the thesaurus for synonyms for gifted since gifted children does not seem appropriate.

This is how Thesaurus at defines Gifted, " talented, intelligent."

Synonyms -
able, accomplished, adept, adroit,artful, astute, bright, brilliant,
brainy, capable, class act, clever, cultivated, expert, facile,
have smarts, imaginative, ingenious, intelligent, inventive,
keen, masterly, phenomenal, polished, practiced, proficient, 
quick to learn, savvy, sharp, shining at, skilled, skillful, smart,
with it, wise.

My favorite definitions are adept, adroit, astute, bright, brilliant, brainy, capable, clever, imaginative, inventive, keen, phenomenal, proficient, sharp, skillful, and smart. I believe some of the synonyms do not fit since they are still learning.

I prefer astute, clever, imaginative, inventive, sharp and quick to learn to describe my Jan. Although both talented and intelligent fit, I would say imaginative best describes her.

I was teaching Jan how to play cribbage recently and by the second game she was able to count some of the hands by herself, which surprised me. I was older when I learned cribbage. My brother taught me the first game then the second game he started playing muggings, which really upset me. I could not stand his stealing points from me so I learned very quickly to count my hands. I did research how to teach kids how to play cribbage.

The suggested,
First time count pairs.
Second time count runs.
Third time fifteens.
Fourth time count double runs.

I started of thinking I would teach her as suggested but it seemed that in order to teach her how to peg, I had to teach her the pairs, runs, fifteens, double runs, thirty one and goes all at the same time. Jan likes games. She did enjoy the cribbage board and the pegging the most. I believed that if she learns cribbage it will help her with addition and subtraction.

Jen and I went to Jan's school this week for curriculum night and the teacher said the second grade is learning how to count and subtract to twenty. She called it the Facts. I am not sure what that means. I checked on the internet. They all seem to call Second grade math, Basic Subtraction Facts, Basic Addition Facts, or Subtraction Facts with Missing Blanks.

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