Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What is your blog about?

Tonight when my wife asked me what is your blog about? I said, " It is about nothing. " She told me my blog cannot be about nothing. It has to be about something. I assured her this blog is about nothing. I have stopped and started blogs a few times. It took me a while to find the name I wanted to use. The argument started over why I have ads on my blog which is about nothing and she has none on her new blog which has a reason. Her blog is called Chinese4u2go it is at

She has setup a blog and a You Tube channel to teach Chinese to a wider audience. She already is a Chinese teacher. It was my idea for her to do a short video each week on a different Chinese lesson. The way we came up with this idea as last fall, I posted some videos or our daughter on a You Tube channel for family and friends to see our daughter's various performances. They were having problems finding the videos without a direct link so I made the few videos I uploaded public. Last week I uploaded a few more videos. We noticed one video had been viewed over 3000 times which shocked us. It was a video of Janelle performing, "Mother in a Dream on Recorder". I saw a tab that told me to monetize this video so I clicked to monetize it. I monetized some other videos of Janelle too. Then I got an email from You Tube they had disabled 4 of the videos I uploaded for monetization.

I tried writing back to You Tube but have heard nothing. One was her playing the song ' Judas Maccabeus by Handel who has been dead a few hundred years another was by Johann Sebastian Bach, " The Musette", O Christmas Tree and Angels We Have Heard on High". There is some Con Man who told You Tube they own the rights to songs which have long been in the Public Domain. Some slimy snake will change an A to a B in a sheet of music and claim their piece is a whole new song not a derivative, You Tube doesn't know music so they will believe the weasel that is laying claim to Public Domain music which belongs to everyone. You Cannot Prove a negative so the true artist who performs this music is denied their intellectual property rights by You Tube. The Artist who films and organizes the video is denied their intellectual property rights by You Tube. You Tube even claimed a small video I taped of Janelle dressing up like Mary in the Manager was not our intellectual property. The true artists of this film are denied rights to their work while You Tube profits with the true thieves of our videos. I found one website using one of these videos to sell ringtones.

I'm sorry for digressing from my original thoughts on our disagreement over what my blog is about.

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