Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Vacation is Over

Summer vacation has ended and we are back to our morning routines. School started on August 9th. I have always felt this is way too early since I always went back to school after Labor Day.

I usually arise first and make sure Jan is awake. Usually she wakes on her own and comes out. I have had to wake her up these last few weeks. Jan dresses than comes out to the kitchen while I make her breakfast. She prefers either her mother or I eat breakfast with her. After breakfast I pack her snack for school along with a bottle of water. I pack her snack in her book bag and make sure her homework is done one more time.

After breakfast she brushes her teeth and hair. If she has time she can watch TV before the school bus. Our morning routine starts the night before.

1. Eat Supper.
2. Take Shower.
3. Brush teeth.
4. Pick clothes for next day.
5. Good nights sleep.
6. Eat a good breakfast.
7. Brush teeth.
8. Brush hair.
9. Take School Bus.
10. Study at School.

Jan does better if we stick to the morning routine.

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