Thursday, July 08, 2010

Swimming Lesson

We went swimming tonight at our subdivision pool. It was crowded. Many of our neighbors were trying to beat the heat. It was nice in the pool. I was showing my wife how to kick her feet and swim freestyle.

She told me, " I can't kick my feet like that. I never learned to swim like that."

She taught me how to swim like she learned in China as a little girl. It looks very much like a frog.
She moved her legs up towards her hips and kicked back. I tried it a little bit but it was to difficult
to make much progress in the water and my hips hurt from swimming that way.

I told her, " It is too hard to swim like that my hips hurt."

We continued to help our daughter learn swimming. I take her out to 5 feet of water so she cannot
touch bottom. If she cannot touch bottom she will swim but if she can touch bottom she will touch
the bottom. She is swimming very good this summer with what she remembers from swimming
lessons she took last summer.

We think it is important to learn how to swim at a young age.

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